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An environmentally friendly product

Prolan is a most fantastic and versatile natural product, that protects, lubricates and conserve. It has a huge variety of uses inside all industrial, agriculture and electrical areas.:

  • All metal surfaces – both over and under water
  • Marine equipment – over and under water
  • Isolation of electrical systems
  • Industrial machines and equipment
  • Agricultural machines and equipment
  • Sports, hunting- and fishing gear
  • ProLan is NSF food approved to category H1, H2 og R2

ProLan give a long lasting covering corrosion protection on any metal surface. It prevents oxygen and salt from starting a corrosion.
ProLan prevents electrolysis by using different materials.
ProLan keeps active and does not evaporate and can’t be washed of by high pressure water.
ProLan resist’s most mineral acids, salts and cleaning sulphur products

Why use Prolan?

There is a lot of environmentally attention on products used in general in the industry and the standards which products must comply. ProLan will with it’s broad range of applications surprise the most advanced user by it’s performance. It is still competitive to the usual petrochemical products and will in most cases outperform these in terms of corrosion protection.

This unique and naturally product has shown to be a fantastic and efficient ingredient to offer different types of metal parts excellent protection against destructive corrosive elements.

What is lanolin and where does it come from?

Lanolin, the most important ingredient in ProLan, is a natural cleaned wool grease from the sheeps wool. Lanolin is secreted into the wool from the sheeps skin to protect the sheep under any kind of conditions and temperature to keep it dry.

Lanolin is an extreme versatile product that has shown it’s performance as an industrial product after the very special treatment done by the producer – ProLan New Zealand. We can therefore introduce Prolan to the industry and fullfill the high demands from the public in general to environmentally products.


ProLan penetrates metal and metal in different combinations/types and will make a long term protection that can be exposed to even long term salt/salt spray test’s and still perform with exceptional results.

ProLan are safe to use on leather, rubber and a lot of other synthetic materials.

ProLan will because of it’s broad use be able to reduce the maintenance cost.

Areas to use prolan


Lubrication and corrosion protection in general.
Used on heavy trucks, cars, trains, motor coach, etc..
On cement installations to prevent the cement to adhere on the surface.

Because ProLan is internationally food approved by NSF in the USA to category H1, H2 og R2, it can be used at any place and in any combinations. The categories is described like this:

H1: Lubricant and Corrosion protection with Incidental contact
H2: Lubricant and Corrosion protection with No – contact
R2: Coatings on structural surfaces with the possibility of incidental food contact

Electrical installations

ProLan prevents corrosion and by that function – bad connections. Excellent to use on generators, airconditions installations and on electrical circuts in general to prevent corrosion and to make them non-conductive to moist. ProLan is non-conductive up to 70 kV.


ProLan prevents corrosion and keep parts lubricated
ProLan can be sprayed or applicated to most parts and work both under and above water
ProLan reduces friction


ProLan is highly recommended to lubrication and corrosion protection of tractors, harvesters, heavy machinery, spray-equipment, ATV, and chains etc.

Do it yourself/DIY

Lubrication and corrosions protection of grass movers, cars/classic cars, bicycle, motorbike, garden tools and tools in general.

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