Off Shore

PROLAN PROTECTIVE LANOLIN, has been approved by world leading oil explorers/ contractors on hydraulic installations and constructions.


PROLAN PROTECTIVE LANOLIN, are used by truck manufactures for maintenance, on heavy cranes and lifting wire for protection against corrosion and as a general protection in harsh environments.


PROLAN PROTECTIVE LANOLIN, are used for corrosion protection on older road and train bridges. There is a huge amount of tasks solved ranging from protecting steel constructions to lubricating length moving bearings.

Aqua Culture

PROLAN PROTECTIVE LANOLIN, has already for years proved its performance on aquaculture farms worldwide – protecting installations and pumps.

Agri Culture

PROLAN PROTECTIVE LANOLIN, are used for any purpose for protecting the assets of machinery, installations, inventory and not least machinery used in manure and fertilizer.


PROLAN PROTECTIVE LANOLIN, protect any area – tower and crane – on wind farms from corrosion

Prolan, an environmentally friendly product

ProLan give a long lasting covering corrosion protection on any metal surface. It prevents oxygen and salt from starting a corrosion. ProLan prevents electrolysis by using different materials. ProLan keeps active and does not evaporate and can’t be washed of by high pressure water.

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We sell and distribute our products all over Scandinavia and Europe. The dedicated partners we work with make sure you will be able to find our products in a variety of shops inside both marine, agriculture and industrial areas.

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