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Why use ProLan?

Due to the ever-greater attention to choosing environmentally friendly products in industrial and private contexts, there are a number of stringent standards that ProLan products must satisfy. The products must remain relevant in changing conditions while staying competitive with traditional petrochemical lubricants and anti-corrosive agents.



What is lanolin?

Lanolin, the main ingredient in ProLan, is an entirely naturally purified wool grease. Lanolin comes from the natural product that sheep secrete from their sebaceous glands to create a protective surface on their wool fibres and is an extremely versatile material.
This unique natural product has proven to be an incredibly effective agent that protects various components and machine parts against degrading elements.



ProLan is for all industries

Obvious advantages of using ProLan Protective Lanolin include the products’ ability to permeate rust and to protect metal and metal alloys from continued corrosion. The products do not evaporate and are not easily washed from a surface, which prolongs their protection capacity considerably.
ProLan can also be used on leather, rubber and other synthetic materials, etc. Thanks to its versatility, the product also helps to reduce the number of products needed for protection and helps minimise maintenance costs.


ProLan, an environmentally friendly product

ProLan provides long-lasting corrosion protection on any metal surface. It prevents oxygen and salt from causing corrosion. ProLan prevents electrolysis with the help of different materials. ProLan stays active, does not evaporate and can’t be washed off by high-pressure washing with water.








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