Prolan Heavy Enduro

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An environmentally friendly product

The perfect product for permanent anti-corrosion tasks. Highly penetrating, working its way into metal and giving it adhesive, long-term protection.

You can stop the onset of corrosion – the surface turns brownish after treatment. The lanolin content stops oxygen from reaching the surface.

Doesn’t wash out – tolerates high pressure cleaning at 170 bars after drying.

  • Resistant to acids, salts, fertiliser and corrosive elements in general
  • NSF Food-grade, class H1
  • Does not damage glass, enamel or treated surfaces in general
  • Remove with odourless petroleum
  • UV-resistant up to 24 months.

Heavy Enduro leaves a more repellent surface than Heavy and provides even better protection, but with a longer drying time

Electrically and electrolytically separating up to 70 kV, thus optimally protecting electrical installations in damp environments – is not moisture-repellent

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