Prolan Grease

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An environmentally friendly product

The perfect product for corrosive assembly work and as assembly grease in general. Protects and preserves.

You can stop the onset of corrosion – the surface turns brownish after treatment. The lanolin content stops oxygen from reaching the surface.

Electrically and electrolytically separating up to 70 kV, thus optimally protecting electrical installations in damp environments. Is not moisture-repellent.

Perfect for assembling and mounting machine parts – separable again after long-term use in a corrosive environment.

Resistant to acids, salts, fertiliser and corrosive elements in general

  • NSF Food-grade, class H1
  • Excellent lubricating properties for moving machine parts, bushings and nylon
  • Does not damage glass, enamel or treated surfaces in general
  • Use for assembly above and below water – salt water
  • Use for drilling and thread cutting in black steel
  • Use for assembly in stainless steel
  • Fantastic assembly grease for couplings/o-ring couplings – but not EPDM seals

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